Paramata Lodge West Coast luxury accommodation - - a wilderness b&b surrounded by natural forestry


West Coast birdlife & luxury accommodation

During early July Landcare Research runs a nationwide New Zealand Bird Survey. At Paramata Lodge on the West Coast we take part and provide luxury accommodation amongst nature. The results contribute to a national database. What we do is choose a place and an hour in a particular week and start counting birds. You count what you see and what you hear and record this on a simple one-page record sheet being careful not to count birds twice.

Our GPS location along with survey results are put into a central database. It’s a fabulous way to get to know the birds and compare annual results while we help Landcare Research NZ to understand the big picture and assesss how populations change over the years.

Here at Paramata Lodge we have a huge range of birds and especially indigenous species , since we are surrounded by ancient forest, regenerating forest, pasture in a forest clearing and beside a wetland and the beach. This location also means we see sea birds in the distance, wetland birds and forest birds as well as some common introduced garden species. To help identify birds from their songs go to

A night or two at Paramata Lodge in whichever room you choose allows you to watch nature from your window or relax in the lounges where big windows look out to the forest. Your hosts are knowledgeable too about the local environment. Venture out and no matter what the weather, the landscape views are beautiful; forest lakes, mountain backdrops and miles of sandy beach with crashing waves. There is plenty to see and do in the central West Coast. Choose your activities from the list. We frequently see Kotuku at the lodge, sometimes they seem to want to come inside, goodness knows why, perhaps she wants a room!