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Covid 19 message about sustainability!

For those of you lucky enough to have experienced Paramata Lodge in recent years you’ll know that we operate a fairly self-sufficient lifestyle at the best of times where Neil and I work to produce as much as we can of what we consume and we leave only the lightest footprint upon the earth.

You can imagine that the nationwide lockdown due to Covid 19 virus hasn’t changed that much about how we live, except that the lodge is closed! The nature study, the gardening, the pest control, the re-using old things to make new, supporting the work of Forest and Bird, cooking from the garden and tending to native plant propagation keeps us going. We are both well, but we are missing you!

We’re horrified about the devastation this pandemic is causing many people around the world. In spite of human technological advances we are powerless in the face of nature – cyclones, droughts, earthquakes and even viruses. But we’re fortunately that with a small population, space to keep our distances and clean air to enjoy, we can follow strict lockdown rules to keep everyone safe. We’re also lucky to have been able to build a lodge along conservation principles, to respect the ancient indigenous forest surrounding and to work towards environmental sustainability for our business and lifestyle.

In these uncertain times we hope you’re safe and healthy and have everything you need to get through. When you’re ready to plan a break from the confines of the lockdown and the way ahead looks clear, think about Paramata Lodge, where you can stay in luxury, while contributing to sustainability and conservation on the West Coast of NZ. Relax amongst nature and free your mind with breathtaking scenery, whatever you choose to do, we’ll help you have a wonderful relaxing time! 


April 2020