Coastline at Paramata
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Salmon and trout fishing on the West Coast of New Zealand

The weather has cooled and the light is fading a little so the rivers look beautiful this time of year. February to April are good for fishing here! The kitchen is ready to cook up a storm when the catch comes in and perfectly ripe fresh vegetables wait in the garden for the right moment to be picked.

Recently son Alex arrived at the door with a monster eight pound salmon caught 5km from the beautiful Paramata Lodge. As an executive chef he has worked with top quality salmon for years but never yet caught one himself. Using only a light line he managed to bring it in safely. A real beauty!

He then treated us to simple salmon steaks on creamy potato mash with my basil pesto and topped with lightly grilled and tossed fresh vegetables; tomato, courgette, peas and lettuce. Gorgeous fresh flavours, beautiful colours, great texture and good company!

Join us at Paramata Lodge for some local fly or lure fishing. We can direct you to the spots where the mountain landscapes will inspire. Paramata Lodge at the gateway to the glaciers!

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