Coastline at Paramata
Paramata Lodge, South Westland, New Zealand         WEST COAST . SOUTH ISLAND . NEW ZEALAND
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Bird tours walking or lagooning are a highlight at Paramata Lodge, West Coast

I delighted in following the bell birds around the Paramata Lodge native garden this morning. They were feeding, calling to each other and singing selected parts of their summer songs. Its late autumn now and some of the forest birds have gone, but yesterday I kayaked the lagoon near the lodge and witnessed ten different bird species including the welcome swallows that were swooped down in front of the boat to feed on the insects that moved ahead of me.

It’s so glorious here! The flax and forest reflecting in the water and the mountains with new snow behind. It’s not cold but it is inspiring! The beauty of Paramata Lodge is the range of habitat for forest, wetland, wading and shore birds.

At Paramata Lodge a guided nature tour is included in the room price and the rooms are gorgeous!  You will see birds here all year round and tours accommodate what nature has to show at the time! Book now to secure your room!  

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Kayaking at Paramata Lodge Kotuku, White Heron 

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