Coastline at Paramata
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Nature; the wild parts to explore and the edible managed gardens to devour!

Summer 2015 at Paramata Lodges

The settled summer weather has finally arrived and the Lodge gardens are looking great. The two gorgeous female kids our nanny goat Rene produced, are now two months old. They are happy to be patted and cuddled and are so lovely and soft. With Rene producing more milk than they need, she is beginning to push them off and wean them, so we are able to milk her once a day. That means fresh home-made goats cheese is back on the menu!

The vege garden was late this year but it is finally up to speed with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and lettuce with the herbs like basil, parsley and chives. This fresh picked salad goes nicely with the new spinach and freshly pulled garlic and goat’s cheese pastry parcels for entrée!  

At the water’s edge the lagoon level has dropped and three bird species can be seen there every day. The white heron or kotuku, the pied stilt pair and the black oyster catchers, all dining in the shallow water. Most of last year we had high water levels and now just as the tourist season picks up, it drops so we can see the wading birds at close range.  A guided bird tour is extra charge but well worth the time. Kathy knows her local environment and can point out lots of interesting features in an hour or so. And dinner is a must too at Paramata Lodge because you can eat wonderful fresh food and find out how the land sustains an idyllic lifestyle.  

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Two month old kid Jan 2015 Female tom tit 

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