Itineraries for the Paramata guided wilderness tours include walking into ancient forest and along an isolated coastline or canoeing on a coastal creek or forest lake. Gentle adventure walking along trails, birding or more active options are available.

With a Department of Conservation concession, access to seldom travelled and protected conservation areas in Westland is possible. Your guide can highlight connections between history and ecology, birdlife and flora, unique plant properties and culture. Picnic lunches or snacks are provided from the lodge and there's plenty of time to relax and explore the wildlife at leisure.

Guided wilderness tours and activities require prior bookings with a meeting arrangement the day before. Itineraries may be changed to accommodate the environment, weather conditions and personal preferences. Paramata Lodge tours comply with Health and Safety requirements.

Sample guided wilderness tour: Paramata wetland and forest tour (by canoe and walking)
Price NZ$112pp (approx 5 hours) Depart lodge 9.30am and explore gentle waterways by canoe. Glimpse evidence of geological and historic events and wetland flora and fauna. From the beach dunes, walk the coastline to the Bold Head and climb the forested trig track to the glacial moraine summit lookout for a picnic lunch. Relax and enjoy the view of the Southern Alps, the coastline and Tasman Sea. On return, venture off the trig track into ancient rimu forest and explore for remnants of historic logging. A trip to the nearby lake or lagoon for a swim, or glass of wine on the deck, makes a perfect day complete.